When building a from the ground up, we believe that laying a strong foundation is of the upmost importance. We don't take shortcuts and we don't use low-quality and cheap materials. We begin by applying a water resistant barrier is sealed in to protect from seepage. Next, the metal lath is applied followed by 3 coats of a Portland cement that is embedded with fiber for extra strength. The surface later gets smoothed and flattened prior to the texturing, and finally the colored coating seals everything in. New construction stucco gives the client ultimate design power in decisions on texture and color theme. We will work with you one-on-one to ensure that you get exactly what you want.



Stucco can last over 50 years, depending on your local climate and how well you maintain it. Although, cracks and damage can develop over time as it endures years of seasonal weather. Some of these cracks can begin as minor defects, but can rapidly advance into an eye-sore on your otherwise beautiful home. We suggest addressing these nuisances early and correcting them before they grow larger and become more costly to repair.


Expert Texture Matching

You could compare a stucco texture to a snowflake - there are almost countless varieties of textures and methods of application, far more than what you might assume. We pride ourselves on the ability to seamlessly match textures and patterns of stucco. Whether your stucco was originally applied decades ago, or recently. We use a high-grade silicone caulk to fill and seal the damaged area, then apply several coats of cement to mimic your unique stucco variation. 

Visit our photo gallery to view some of these transformative examples.




There is a common misconception that stucco buildings can be re-coated and painted with regular house paint. This could not be further from the truth and could be potentially harmful to your stucco. Instead, we use a material called MasterProtectHB (formerly known as Thorocoat). It is a water-based high-build, 100% acrylic coating for above-grade cement, masonry, stucco, and EFIS. It waterproofs, protects, and decorates building exteriors while allowing them to breathe, unlike regular house paint. MasterProtectHB produces a tough outer film that maintains it's aesthetic and performance properties over time. 



It is our goal to keep your stucco as beautiful as the last day we left it - this includes minor upkeep and maintenance. We do our part by offering a complimentary power-washing of your stucco, one year after completion (this offer is for full-house re-coats, not applicable for minor patchwork). 

We also suggest keeping in contact with us post project completion, so that we can be alerted to small cracks and caulking issues as they occur, and fix them promptly before the elements can gain a foothold. 



Are you looking into purchasing a stucco or EFIS/Dry-vit home or building? Would you like to know the condition of the stucco or EFIS, and whether or not it was done properly?

We offer our professional experience and expertise in preforming on-site stucco inspections to asses the quality and condition of the stucco, identify any damaged or cracked areas, and suggest methods of repair if necessary. After surveying the stucco, we generate an detailed and organized report including documentation and photos taken from the survey for your record and review.